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Xi'an Victor Machinery
Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Address: Shaanxi Province, Xi'an City, twelve road Fengcheng export
Telephone: 029-86119746
LinkMan: Zhang Wenqing
Machine: 15109282223

Xi'an Victor Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2004
August, is located in Xi'an twelve road Fengcheng export processing zone, in
2010 April for the restructuring of joint-stock company. Convenient traffic,
beautiful environment, has a modern workshop, office facilities, also has
advanced equipment, can be high precision machining parts, foreign trade
products, have the ability to mass production. The company has more than 70
employees, in the external processing machinery parts and components for
leading industries, processing industry has been mature medical equipment,
oil drilling, gas turbine components; in addition the company has been
engaged in the construction process of shot peening spray processing, and
there has been cooperation with the foreign Petrochemical Industries Co;
processing aviation parts is our emerging industries.
    The company has all kinds of equipment more than 30 units, of which: 10
sets of machining center; surface grinding machine 2 units; a round flat
grinding 1; rocker drill 2; 2 ordinary milling machine; CNC lathes 3;
ordinary lathe 1 sets, 1 sets of deep hole drill; cylindrical grinding
machine 1 units; three coordinates measuring equipment 3 Taiwan; shot peening
equipment: 2 sets, spraying equipment: 2 sets, 2 sets of heat treatment
  Standard management, quality awareness, rigorous and efficient operation
process, perfect management system, superb technology to ensure the high
quality and high requirements for the product, to ensure the provision of
quality products and excellent service for customers.
  We take "customer first, quality first, the pursuit of excellence,
continuous improvement" concept, called on all staff forge ahead business;
development in innovation, continue to strengthen their own production
process, make the quality throughout the entire manufacturing process, from
the source to ensure product quality, implementation of the manufacturing
industry of high quality. We are willing to quality products, enthusiastic
service attitude, together with the vast number of users and enter, create


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